What To Consider When Designing Your Dining Room

Designing your dining room can be a lot of fun, and there are endless ways to get it done. When planning your dining room design there are a few key elements to consider. You want the space to be put together, so ensure different design elements all fall within a similar theme or idea. There are various aspects involved in creating the perfect dining room so here are a few tips to consider when designing your dining room.

The Table

Deciding on your dining room table comes down to two key factors; The size of the room and the number of guests. Ideally, in any dining room, you want at least one metre between your dining table and surrounding furniture or walls. Otherwise, the space is too cramped and moving in and out becomes a challenge. If you love to entertain or have a large family a large rectangular table is the way to go. If you’re in a small space and live without kids you have the option of a small square or round table. You can always consider looking at extendable tables, for when you require extra space on an odd occasion.

The Artwork

The dining room, whilst perhaps used less often than other rooms, is still a key feature in any house. Your choice of artwork in the dining room completely changes the overall mood and design. If you are after minimalism, modern glamour, art deco or prefer a more natural approach with greenery and wood finishes, your choice of art goes a long way. Consider hanging artwork on a nearby wall, or hang floating shelves and fill them with sculptures and decor pieces. A feature wall is a perfect way to spruce up your dining space.

The Flooring

The choices available for dining room flooring are endless. Do you want tiles, hardwood,  vinyl or carpet? Is the flooring going to match the other rooms or will you choose feature flooring to separate your dining room from the rest of the house? Do you want a dark, moody ambience, or bright, natural colours? The options are endless. When choosing dining room flooring, consider materials that are durable and easy to clean. There’s bound to be countless spills, so often hardwood, vinyl or tiles are the best options.

The Rug

If you do decide to go with a hardwood, tile or vinyl dining room floor, then a great way to add texture and brighten up the space is with the addition of a rug. Make sure your rug compliments the dining room furniture and surrounding artwork. Avoid high pile carpets that trap dirt and are hard to clean. Choose your colour wisely. Light, plain colours will show up spills instantly, instead opt for rugs with a pattern and steer towards darker or warmer tones.

The Lighting

Dining rooms are used at night more often than not, so keep this in mind when choosing dining room lighting. Do you want soft warm lights for a romantic feel or bright lights for visibility? Maybe you want to add a combination of both. You can also use lighting to add to the artistic design of the space with a range of hanging light, chandeliers, pendants and lamp designs available.

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