How To Achieve A Hamptons Style Home

The Hamptons home style may have originated on the east coast of the USA, but here in Australia we are taking its relaxed yet elegant design elements and making them our own. If you are loving the Hamptons look, here are some ways you can introduce it into your own home.

Hamptons Colour Palette

Hamptons interiors tend to include calm neutral palettes accented with ocean-inspired hues such as greens, blues, and greys. Traditionally, this decorating style also includes hints of timber which you might include in your own home by using a piece of furniture such as a coffee table or side table or even a decorative piece of driftwood.

A Balance of Comfort and Sophistication

The trick to achieving the perfect Hamptons style home is to strike the perfect balance between comfort and sophistication. When it comes to furniture stick to classic and timeless styles rather then what is on trend. Include comfortable accessories such as throw pillows and rugs to give the house warmth and texture.

Timber Flooring

Hampton style homes traditionally include the use of polished timber flooring throughout the home with textured rugs thrown in for comfort and added texture. Timber flooring not only looks luxurious, it’s also a practical choice for a coastal home to limit a build up of sand.

A Light Breezy Atmosphere

Hampton homes are traditionally open plan. They include French doors opening onto wide verandas to create a light and breezy atmosphere. Creating this effect is essential to capturing the essence of Hamptons interior. Keep the treatment of your windows and doors light with billowy sheer curtains. You may even consider some renovations to open up your home. A skylight will help to allow in natural light and keep the space bright and cheerful.

Use of Wicker or Rattan

A Hamptons home would not be complete without a little wicker or rattan. Not only are these natural materials traditional elements of the style, they instantly add warmth and texture to a neutral space. These materials can be added to any space in a way that is both visually appealing and practical. Rattan can be used in the form of a tray, basket, pot plant or for general storage. Wicker offers a lovely pattern and texture and is often used to built comfortable chairs perfect for sitting on your deck and looking out to sea.

Know Your Carpet Styles

To select a carpet style that will meet your needs, it helps to understand the carpet styles available. There are two basic methods for constructing carpet: pile and loop pile. These styles can be combined in a single surface design as a cut and loop construction, allowing manufacturers to create a near endless array of carpet styles and effects. Read more about the differences between these three carpet constructions so you can get creative with carpeting in your home.

Cut Pile

Made by cutting the yarn loops to create an upright pile, cut pile carpets are soft and luxurious to the touch. Varying the pile length and twist level creates a variety of styles, including:

Plush – Cut pile plush carpet features short and slightly twisted yarn that stands upright. This style is excellent for creating a formal look while providing a velvety soft feel underfoot, making it perfect for areas like formal dining rooms or guest rooms.

Twist – As the name suggests, the pile in this carpet is twisted so that it lies in different directions, producing a random texture. This carpet is soft yet durable, and its irregular texture is less likely to show tracking from feet or vacuuming.

Frieze – Frieze features a long pile that produces its signature “shaggy” look that’s still shorter than true shag pile carpets. Its soft texture is hardy and comfortable, making it perfect for informal spaces like bedrooms or family rooms.

Cut pile carpet styles

Loop Pile

This style is constructed by threading the fibres through the carpet backing to form a series of loops. The following are some varieties of loop pile carpets:

Level loop pile – Featuring a tightly threaded pile that is all the same length, this carpet has a uniform surface. It’s a particularly great choice for high-traffic areas of the home such as hallways.

Multi-level loop pile – The varying lengths of loops in this durable carpet create distinct shapes and patterns.

Sisal/Cord – The loop lengths in this style can be even or alternate between high and low,  resulting in a range of different textures and patterns. The defining characteristic of sisal or cord carpet is the firm feel created by the tightly looped construction.

Loop pile carpet styles

Cut & Loop Pile

Combining the two methods of cutting and looping pile allows for interesting sculpted patterns and effects. Installing this style of carpet can add a point of difference to your interiors.

Level cut and loop pile – The lineal patterns created by this soft and stylish carpet will help to give the illusion of space. Level cut and loop pile is also good for hiding dirt and footprints, meaning it will be right at home in a kid’s room.

Textured cut and loop pile – For a carpet style that’s downright artistic, look to textured cut and loop pile. This style is constructed from varying lengths of the pile that produce distinctive patterns with captivating depth. It’s also a great style for hiding marks.

Always remember to consider the needs of the area when you’re laying down carpet, as some styles will offer better performance than others. Speak to one of our friendly sales consultants at your local Andersens store for professional advice on selecting the right carpet style.

Cut & loop pile carpet styles

Always remember to consider the needs of the area when you’re laying down carpet, as some styles will offer better performance than others.

Speak to one of our friendly sales consultants at your local Andersens store for more professional advice on selecting the right carpet style.

What Flooring Option Is Right For Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. How it is designed should reflect your own personal style and allow for you to feel comfortable and at ease whenever you walk through your bedroom door. What flooring you choose for your bedroom can make a big difference to how it functions as a room. As well as comfortable, it should also be highly durable, attractive and complementary to your decorating style. Here are some things to consider when choosing flooring for your bedroom.


It’s hard to beat the natural appeal of real wood flooring. Timber flooring adds a timeless charm to any room. In Queensland, timber flooring tends to be a popular option as it allows for ventilation and will naturally cool down a room. The flip side to this is timber floors can be cold in winter especially when you first crawl out from your nice warm bed. An easy fix to this is to invest in a nice cozy rug to roll out in the cooler months.

Engineered Timber

Engineered wood is manufactured using nine layers of different wood veneers. Using engineered wood in your bedroom will give your room the timeless appeal of hardwood floors for a more affordable price, plus engineered timber is easier to install than traditional timber. No matter what style of interior you are going for with your bedroom timber flooring forms an ideal basis for most styles.


Carpet is available in a nearly endless range of colours and styles allowing for you to turn your bedroom into your dream sanctuary. Carpet is warm and soft on the feet and will give your bedroom a cozy appeal. Carpet can be budget friendly depending on the fiber you choose. For these reasons, it is probably the most popular flooring choice when it comes to the bedroom. There are two major types of carpets, cut pile and loop pile. With cut pile, the fibre loops are cut making them softer to touch. Loop pile carpet is harder to touch and easier to clean. The type of carpet you choose should depend on the bedroom. For example, a kids bedroom might benefit from a tougher loop pile, while a cozy adult sanctuary might be more suited to a textured cut pile carpet.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is available in a range of colours so can be used to suit any style of bedroom interior. Bamboo flooring is surprisingly durable and is actually stronger and harder than hardwood floors. A huge drawcard for bamboo is that it is the most eco-friendly form of flooring due to it’s fast regeneration process. If you want to have a stunning bedroom floor that you won’t have to feel guilty about, bamboo is a great choice.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring can look just like real wood but is more affordable. Vinyl comes in a variety of designs making it easy for you to find a style to suit the design of your bedroom. You can further lower the cost of your bedroom flooring by laying the vinyl yourself.


While traditionally tiles are not a common choice for the bedroom, this is a flooring option that shouldn’t be overlooked. Many people believe that tiles in the bedroom are too cold and clinical however in places where the climate is consistently warm year-round they are used to keep the bedroom cool. Using tiles in your bedroom might sound a little out there but when executed correctly they can be used to give your room a cool middle eastern or Mediterranean appeal.

If you are still unsure about which flooring choice is right for your bedroom, speak to the flooring experts at Andersens.

Establishing Your Own Style

Renovating your home can be very exciting, and deciding on a style for your interiors is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the process. In our video, Lauren Pearse from Rylo Interiors shows you how she styled a renovation to suit a character home. Read on for advice on how you can develop a unique style for your own renovation.

Architectural style

Looking at the architectural style of your home can help you steer your styling direction. The home renovated in our video is a Queenslander, a high-set house constructed of timber, so we made sure the style we chose honoured this distinctive style of architecture.

View in to living space

Colour palette

Colour is highly evocative and can have a dramatic effect on how your home feels. If you’re struggling to define your colour palette, begin by looking at the existing colours in your home. Picking out complementary colours helps to integrate your renovation with the rest of your home. For the renovation in our video, we chose to match the colours of the renovated upstairs area to facilitate a smooth visual transition between floors.

Picking colours that work together can be a challenge. There are interior design tools available online that you can use to generate ideas for colour palettes, but to judge colour more accurately, it’s best to compare swatch cards and material samples for real in your home so you can see how they interact with the existing design features and lighting conditions.

View out from living space

Furniture and furnishings

As with choosing colour palettes, selecting furnishings that match your existing decor will yield the most harmonious design result. We chose contemporary furnishings for the Queenslander home in our video. The contrast between the cleaner lines of the furniture and the decorative detail of the architecture creates a look that’s airy and bright, maintaining the open feel of this style of home.

If you like a mish mash of styles, you can go for an eclectic look that blends them all together. Of course, mixing design styles can be more of a balancing act, so consult an interior designer for the most harmonious results.

Vases and books

Special touches

Splurging a bit on additional design details or statement pieces can really elevate your style from humdrum to “who’d you hire to do this?!”. It shows you’ve put careful thought into your design and gives the eye something to focus on. For the renovation in our video, we splashed out on some extra detail in the ceiling to echo the traditional features of the upstairs level. We also repurposed some French doors as a cost-effective way of creating a connection to the outdoor lifestyle synonymous with Australian living.

With considered design choices, your home can become a shining reflection of your personality. Have fun renovating and remember if you run into roadblocks, you can always ask for help.

Andersens stocks a huge range of floor and window coverings that you can choose from to express your personal style in your renovation. Visit your nearest store today or we can come to you so you can see our fantastic product range for yourself.