Baroque (Rococo) Style

30 March 2015 | Helpful Tips and Hints

Baroque style originated in Italy in the seventeenth century. This style is theatrical, extravagant and exaggerated luxury and opulence. This ostentatious style was favoured by royalty and the churches throughout Europe in the seventeenth century.  This rich and dramatic style was a means to impress and flaunt power and control. Today we are seeing a […] Read more

Modern Country Style:

23 March 2015 | Helpful Tips and Hints

Modern country style is a beautiful blend of modern and country elements, which involves a bit of the unexpected. This style of decoration combines rustic, found and industrial elements with traditional country decorating materials such as wood, iron and natural objects. No matter what first comes to mind, the modern country cottage style is a […] Read more

Minimalist style.

16 March 2015 | Blinds and Shutters

Minimalist style is a modern style that is often misrepresented by thinking its Spartan, devoid of character and life, when it in fact minimalist is actually sophistication and elegance combined with comfort and practicalism.  The definition of minimalism is a design style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create maximum effect. […] Read more

Industrial decorating ideas.

9 March 2015 | Helpful Tips and Hints

The best thing about industrial interior design is that you can achieve the look on a budget. This style evolved from the factories that were abandoned and the large empty spaces were remodelled into homes for artists and architects and other creative professionals. One of the best secrets for creating an industrial style for your […] Read more

French Provincial Style

2 March 2015 | Helpful Tips and Hints

French provincials style remains one of the most popular interior design aesthetics in the world and can be integrated into any home. This design style retains its popularity because it combines elegance with functionality and it is relatively easy to transform your home into this style regardless of your budget. The best description of French […] Read more


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