Floor Renovations: Tailor them to fit your Personality and Lifestyle

Whether you’re planning a new residence or contemplating a remodelling project on your existing house, the flooring you choose can provide the finishing touches for the interior décor. Not so long ago, the choices were limited with vinyl or tile for the bathroom and kitchen and carpeting everywhere else. In this day and age, there are so many options available to you giving you the opportunity to design your rooms to match your lifestyle and become a direct reflection of your personality. Continue reading “Floor Renovations: Tailor them to fit your Personality and Lifestyle”

Kitchen Flooring 101: Durability and Affordability

The first question you need to address is why are you currently opting for a kitchen reno? The most common reasons for this are a lack of space, reduced functionality or an outdated look.  The type of flooring you choose is the one of the most important parts of remodeling your kitchen because… let’s face it… the floor is visible pretty much everywhere!

The first step you should take to ensure that you select the right flooring is to think of “durability”. Do you have young children or large dogs that spend time inside? Do you prefer a natural look or does an all white house appeal to you?

The next aspect you should consider is the price. Hardwood floors – while timeless and beautiful – can be a rather expensive option while vinyl flooring for instance, can be a relatively inexpensive option.

Let’s take a look at some durable and affordable flooring options to help make your decision easier Continue reading “Kitchen Flooring 101: Durability and Affordability”