How to measure up for Face Fit Blinds

Andersens have teamed up with Betta Blinds to be able to offer you the ultimate selection when it comes to your window coverings.

Throughout the rest of the year we have some great DIY videos that we can share with you on blinds and we hope that along the way not only will they save you some money, you will learn something new along the way.

First topic is the measuring process. Here are some tips on how to measure up for Face Fit Blinds.

Always use a metal tape measure and NOT a cloth one as these are known to stretch and thus be inaccurate. All blinds are made to specified measurements.




Child Safety and Blinds

You can never completely “child-proof” your home. You can, however, dramatically reduce the risk of injuries by making a few changes to your home. Parents and carers are urged to take the necessary steps to ensure blinds and curtains in your home don’t pose a threat to your children. Go through every room in your home and check for any blinds or curtains with long cords that are either loose of looped. This includes any cords that are within children’s reach at floor level or near furniture that they can climb on. Continue reading “Child Safety and Blinds”