Tips to help you sell your home what works and what doesn’t

Tip 1: Renovations can add value to a property.

Some projects do add value to a home, but others may deter potential buyers. One example of this latter scenario would be if the owner knocks out a wall between two small bedrooms to create one larger bedroom instead. If the buyer was hoping for a property with more bedrooms, they would be disappointed with this supposed improvement. Renovations do not always equal added value.

Tip 2: Use good quality materials to attract buyers.

Using high end building materials can certainly make your home attractive. Yet bear in mind that location is the most important factor for many buyers who are looking for a new home. If your property is overly done up in a suburb with less ostentatious homes, it may stand out for the wrong reasons. Buyers may be impressed with your new granite bench-tops, but they will ultimately choose the more affordable home just down the road. Over-improving can put your home out of a buyer’s price range.


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An Insider Guide to Renovating


You’ve watched a few seasons of House Rules and reckon you can take on a home renovation.

But before you start knocking down structural walls to add an indoor Zen garden, experts say there are plenty of ways to give your place a Moët makeover on a VB budget.

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A guide to: Warming up to Winter Colours and Trends

If you’re warming up to the idea of a new look in your home but aren’t sure how to use colour to create a good mood, here’s a handy little guide for you!

Seaside harmony

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Top 11 Interior Design Trends

2014 has seen some really great mix-ups in interior design. Gone are the soft neutrals of 2013, this year, it’s all about colour, texture and blending! So without further ado, here are the top 11 design trends for 2014 according to some of the most prestigious interior designers. Continue reading “Top 11 Interior Design Trends”