2014 Home Fashion Trends: Global Fusion

31 March 2014 | General

We’re all guilty of it – trawling the impeccably decorated show houses for ideas on how to get your own home looking like it’s just stepped off the pages of House & Garden! We set off to find 2014’s style trends and boy were we rewarded! Full of a plethora of gorgeous themes and styles, […] Read more

Best blinds for large spaces, high ceilings and doors

24 March 2014 | General

Most of the new homes built in Australia these days have large windows or door combinations not to mention the high demand for extra high ceilings. They not only look amazing, they allow us to maximise the space and help the room appeal larger than it actually is. The only problem with having such large […] Read more

What are Roman blinds?

10 March 2014 | General

Some of you may be wondering what Roman blinds are and how they differ from your traditional Vertical or Venetian blinds. Roman blinds are different from other styles in that they stack up evenly overlapping on each other when being opened, however when they are open they are visibly smooth, not bumpy or ribbed like typical vertical […] Read more

Are vertical blinds still in fashion

3 March 2014 | General

Many people are looking for alternatives for vertical blinds these days as they may seem to think they are out of fashion but there are also just as many people who still like the look and functioning ability of the vertical blind. Many vertical blinds have vinyl vanes, making these window coverings one of the […] Read more


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