Andersens home remedy carpet cleaning tips

16 December 2013 | General

Home remedy carpet cleaning has been found by many people to be just as effective, if not more effective than any carpet-cleaning product you buy in the supermarkets. Andersens’ would like to share some of their home remedy carpet cleaning tips to help give your carpets the best chance of looking new for longer, despite […] Read more

Last Minute Flooring Options for Christmas

9 December 2013 | General

It is time for Christmas and the relatives are coming over.  Everything is culminating to a magical day of family, fun and festivities then you look at your flooring and you know that it is well beyond time that it should be upgraded.  So what can you do with so little time before Christmas? The […] Read more

5 easy flooring upgrades for your home

2 December 2013 | General

Over time, all of the rooms in your house can look a little tired, a little outdated and a little run down.  In order to refresh your home and give it a more modern look, one of the easiest things to do is to upgrade your flooring.  Not only will it make your home look […] Read more


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