Lifestyles of the rich & famous: Blinds

27 May 2013 | Blinds and Shutters

Window furnishings often turn into either a design challenge or major investment, but let’s face it: If you neglect your windows, you’ll be left with a bare view. If you find yourself in need of a fresh look, or if you’ve moved into a new home in need of window coverings, we’ve gathered some celebrity […] Read more

15% off for RACQ members… ReMEMBER to save!

5 May 2013 | Renovating

Choosing the right flooring can be a big decision, whether you are building, buying, renovating or simply just thinking it is time for a change, a lot of people will procrastinate when it comes to flooring or window coverings, mostly because they are scared of making the wrong choice. They worry about choosing the wrong […] Read more


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