5 quick makeover tips for your home!

Knowing that some of you might be looking to do a few quick changes around the house to help spruce things up for the Summer, we thought we would share some quick and inexpensive makeover tips for your home!

  • Window fabulous. Help balance out a room by using curtains to help warm and soften the hues from timber or tiled floors, while using blinds to help open up and freshen up those carpeted areas.


  • Artwork magic. Create a feature artwork for your bare walls. Whether it be getting one of your favourite pictures blown up or buying a fabulous new print. Be as crazy or classic as the space allows.


  • Get back to nature. Brighten and liven up your dullest and emptiest corner by bringing in some indoor plants. Adding a bit of natural colour is always a good way to instantly freshen a room.


  • Then there was light. Lighting is important. Experiment with the lights around your home. Either something as simple as buying a new kind of lightbulb, or buying new lamps or overhead lights to help create some “mood” and “atmosphere”.


  • Outside inside. Get to work opening up your home by creating an outdoor living space. Whether it’s a small courtyard, or large yard, make use of ALL your space.


That now brings us to the end of our 5 quick makeover tips for your home! To find some great specials for floor coverings and blinds, be sure to check out our latest catalogue or visit our website at www.andersens.com.au.