DIY Tips for Changing Old Flooring and Carpets

10 April 2012 | Helpful Tips and Hints

Changing the look of your home can be easily done by changing old flooring with new designs. But while the options for new flooring are endless, removing old carpets is rather a tedious task. Don’t despair though… flooring removal can actually be accomplished DIY with the right information and tools! Foremost, keep in mind that […] Read more

Andersens renovating series: Pressure washing

2 April 2012 | Renovating

Does your house need a facelift? A pressure wash could be a simple solution. As part of the Andersens renovating series, we’re giving you some hints and tips to make your home beautiful. Whether it is for sale or for you to enjoy, we’re not just looking at flooring and blinds, we’re also giving you […] Read more


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