Nothing beats bamboo – we’re loving this product right now.

26 March 2012 | Trends

Bamboo floors have a natural beauty and durability. In contrast to laminate, bamboo is a completely natural material. It is an eco-friendly, sustainable resource. Regardless of its possible vulnerability to high-heeled shoes, bamboo remains more durable than pine and a lot of vinyl floors. Ask Andersens for some flooring samples to look at in the […] Read more

Andersens Renovating Series: Renovating to make way for kids

20 March 2012 | Renovating

Perhaps you’re having your first child and making a comfy nest for your new little one to come home to.  Or perhaps you’re building an extension to make room for a third or fourth child. Either way, you’re craving more space, more storage and some peace of mind when it comes to making your place […] Read more

Andersens renovating series: Cork, a revival tour

12 March 2012 | Trends

Are you one for revival tours? Do you love it when Johnny Farnham announces he’s got another tour happening and this will in fact be the very last one, for the tenth time? Well we are more than happy that this material is back for a revival tour. That’s because we love cork! It’s warm, […] Read more

Choosing the best flooring for YOUR home

6 March 2012 | Helpful Tips and Hints

Whether you’re renovating for sale or just giving your home a lift, choosing the best flooring for your home is a consideration most homeowners have an opinion on… It may be that you grew up with a certain type of floor – so that’s what you want in your own home – or NOT! Talking […] Read more


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