Doing up your home for sale

So you’re thinking of selling your home and you’ve decided that you need to do a few minor renovations to brighten up the place and make even more enticing to buyers. Anything to get the right price, right? Apart from the smell of freshly baked cookies, a clutter free home and some lovely throws and cushions, you can really give your home a lift through some simple touches such as window dressings and floors.

We’re not all property moguls and it’s a fact that most of us generally need to sell our own home first to be able to have enough of a budget to afford the new home.  In a perfect world, it would be great if you can simply buy when you want but what can you do?  The only thing you can do is beautify our home to an extent that the prospective buyers will automatically see how well-maintained it is.  Just what kind of home improvement tricks can you do to make your home attractive to prospective buyers?

When you redecorate, it doesn’t have to be over the top. Consider starting with some brand new window dressings to brighten up the room.  Not only is it cost effective, but there are so many options and combinations to fiddle with to get the right touch.  A good color scheme in a room can really impress prospective buyers.  Window blinds are an easy addition to a room.  They come in a number of available textures, colors and designs, are easy to clean and easy to install.

Now you’ve chosen your window dressings, you may also want to consider redoing your floors too.  Flooring is often overlooked when you’re living in your home but some people really take a look at the floor of the house when they’re buying.  If you already have hardwood floors, you may need to re-finish them to give them that special veneer and extra protection.  Carpet and HDF flooring are both easy to install and if the new owners want to redo them, it’s not painstaking to remove and replace either.  The important thing is, a home will be much easier to sell if the buyers think that they’re getting a deal on it because of the price and value of the home, but also because they don’t think they need to spend more on the house than what they’ve already bought it.

Your house will look so rejuvenated and refreshed you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it before!

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Pets and floors: Reduce the floor mess caused by your pets

Whether it is a cuddly puppy or a cute little kitten, pets are just so adorable. That’s the main reason why a lot of people are lured to having pets at home. However, when they start to create a mess on your floor, that’s when trouble in paradise begins.

Is there really no way to avoid all the mess that they make? We can’t change the fact that pets can really cause some serious muddles on your floor which include, stains, scratches and a whole lot more. All you can do is to gear yourself up with techniques and tricks on how to keep your floors spick and span, even if you have a pet.

Pet-Friendly Choices

It all begins with having the right type of floor that will not just work for you but for your pet too. Tiles and vinyl are the perfect choice because you do not have to worry about the scratches, puddles and stains. These can be easily wiped off and cleaned. However, it’s unusual to use these all over the house, right? The next best thing may be laminated and hardwood. If you have carpets at home, either ban the dog going into these areas or start training your dog.

When cleaning up the floor, be conscious about the products that you use. Make sure that it doesn’t cause any adverse reaction on the health of your dog or cat.

Cleaning Tricks

Buy effective cleaning tools. That way, the moment your pet leaves a mess on your floor, you can clean it up right away. Remember, the longer it stays, the harder it will be to get rid of it.

Having a steamer can also be helpful particularly for rugs and carpets. This will help you remove stains and dirt without using harmful chemicals. Another tric is to pour a cup of water onto the pee, thereby diluting it and then blot thoroughtly with paper towel

For the hard to remove odor, use a vinegar and water mixture. This is also perfect for training your pet not to excrete on a particular spot because it removes the familiar scent that they left behind.

When you’ve got hard to remove stains, do not ruin your floor further by using harsh bleach. Instead, call up a professional cleaning company. If you aren’t sure who to call, feel free to contact one of Andersens expert floor cleaners:

Helpful Habits

Make it a habit to feed your pets outdoors like the porch or verandah if you live upstairs. Train them to do their business in a specific spot and on command. I know this is easier said than done – but trust me, it will save your floors in the future.

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Office styles and trends—increase productivity by improving the interior

Are you sick of working in a grey, drab and boring office environment? The progress of any business or company is highly dependent on the productivity of the employees. This may sound a bit superficial but it is a fact that the aesthetics of the office plays a big role in escalating the productivity of everyone that works there. There is no single standard when it comes to designing the office, particularly the interior. However, there is a certain ethos that remains effective in any type of business. If you are also looking for ways to boost productivity in your workplace, here are some things that you might want to look closely into.

  • Comfort is essential: The website emphasised that place of work has to give a comfortable environment to your employees. When staff are at ease with their seats, desks and other areas for work, they have less distraction and more output. Comfort includes spacious work stations, sufficient ventilation, proper area for dining, chairs that have proper lumbar support and even ergonomic computer keyboard and mouse.
  • Colour therapy: Ok sceptics, this is not a laughing matter. Colour certainly has a big impact on people’s mood so this can also affect the amount of work that gets done everyday. According to, warm hues will effectively boost the energy of people if the workplace has sluggish action. On the other hand, a highly-stressful environment needs light hues to balance it out.
  • Chic touch that is functional: Adding a bit of decorative touch inside the workplace cannot hurt. This could mean putting some lamps that will make the place look more appealing but at the same time, these should add more light to the room too. Jazzing up the floor design with some geometric patterns can also help a lot. These things can avoid dulling the minds of the people who work in the office for many hours a day, five days a week.
  • Allow personal touches: Of course, different folks need different strokes. The office may look very appealing but never hinder the employees to add some personal touches, especially in their own workspace. Letting them have an area that they can call as their own while they are working enables them to deliver more.

Andersens commecial has interior design specialists to help you choose the right types of flooring and blinds that will give your workplace that leading-edge. Call us today on 1800 016 016 for a consultation, free measure and quote.