Interior design trends for 2012—Elegance and functionality combined

Out with the old and in with the new! That is the perfect way to start the new year and the same goes for your home. If you think that this means breaking the bank, then think again.

This year’s trend is all about sophisticated look without the jaw-dropping price tag. Is it really possible to combine those two? Of course it is! You just have to know how to pick the right pieces and combine colours and textures. You might not even know it but you may already have the basic pieces in your home. You just need to arrange everything the right way.

Chill in a cozy yet chic bedroom

Do not underestimate the aesthetics of your bedroom. This should be your sanctuary at the end of each day. When picking the colours for the walls, furniture and beddings, go for the subtle tones. This will make your bedroom look elegant yet still relaxing. The perfect choice for colors includes vibrant tones of gray or silver with a little shimmer. Also ivory and subtle touches of sapphire, ruby, gold or copper can give your room a lift.

For the accessories, use minimal furniture and accents. Pick items that look appealing but are still functional. For example, instead of adding a vase, go for a night lamp with fine details. Rather than adding flowers, pick bed linen with a stunning print – how about emerald or magenta for a touch of colour.

Create a living room with style

Use crystals and gems as inspiration for the living room too. Splash some colors like turquoise, coral and emerald in the room. Do not be afraid to get rid of the plain white walls and replace it with champagne yellow or peridot green.

For the decorations, adding a few traditional pieces which reflects the rich African, Asian and Middle Eastern style of decorating is also an excellent choice. You can find over scale mirrors with intricate metal details on the frame. There are also lamps and light fixtures with elaborate patterns. These are not just appealing but they also serve important purpose in the room.

Carpet can also make a room look stylish and updated. If you prefer plain walls, go for a carpet with geometric patterns. The ones with solid, vibrant colors can also give very modern aesthetic.

At Andersens, we have interior designers in store that can help you achieve the design and aesthetic you’re looking for. Call on 1800 016 016 for an expert consultation, free measure and quote.

Blinded by the light?

Shutters and blinds are very practical little inventions giving you privacy and protection from the sun, and when chosen and installed correctly, reflect both your sense of style and individuality.

At Andersens we have a range of shutters and blinds to accentuate your home and make it simple for you to update your look or finish your renovation at a one-stop-shop. You can choose from a formal look to a more relaxed, casual but stunning style – or somewhere in between!

A number of Andersens stores now supply a large range of blinds including roller, venetian, vertical and roman blinds, as well as panel glides.

We’ve listed a few frequently asked questions that might help you with your selection…

Q: Do I need to measure my windows?
A: Andersens offers a free measure and quote service, so don’t hesitate to contact your local Andersens store today to quote on your blinds and you can be confident that the most accurate measurements are taken to avoid any mistakes.

Q: Should I have my blinds face fitted or recessed?
A: This depends on the type of blinds you require. Don’t hesitate to contact your local Andersens store for free expert advice to find the best product for your home.

Q: Do blinds fade?
A: Yes all blinds will fade over time but many fabric ranges have a block out coating to help protect them from premature fading. Particular vertical and roller blinds also have anti-fade pigments that ensure no colour change. Ask your Andersens window furnishing representative for the best product to suit your requirements.

Q: Will blinds keep my house warm in winter and cool in summer?
A: Yes, and as a result they will also help reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Q: How should I clean my blinds?
A: Regular dusting with a static dust glove or soft clean cloth is recommended. For all products (except real wood blinds), a citrus based or non-ammonia based cleaner diluted with water can also be used.

Q: Should I match my blinds to my walls and floor?
A: Choosing the right colour, texture and product could either make or break your room. For instance, if you choose blinds to match your walls, they make the room look bigger, if you match it to your floor it may make the room look smaller than it is. Let our experienced Colour Consultants help make your decision the right one.

Q: Where can I find your nearest showroom?
A: Check our ‘Find a store near you’ page and you will see the location closest to you. Don’t forget to check the store’s product list to ensure they offer blinds, as not all our stores have them.

To find out more about roller blinds, venetian blinds, vertical blinds, roman blinds, panel glides, timber shutters and other kinds of window furnishings click here!


Eco-Decorating for the New Year

Have you got any New Year’s resolutions yet? Here’s a great idea! Why don’t you add being more eco-conscious to the list? There’s no doubt about it, our environment needs all the help it can get, and it’s never too late to start making a difference, even in the little ways.

And if you plan to start being more eco-conscious, this coming new year provides you with a good reason to redecorate your home and turn it into a greener, eco-friendlier home. This will not just benefit the environment but also your family’s health and safety.

So what are the latest eco-decorating trends these days?

For a quick spruce up of your paintwork you can choose an Eco Paint. Most conventional paints contain solvents, acrylics and acrylic softeners, which are hazardous both to health and the environment.  Eco paints are usually water-based; use eco friendly and natural ingredients as possible as pigments, binding agents and solvents.  They also may not use chemical fungicides or preservatives.  To research eco-paints try

Cotton materials are usually grown using a huge amount of pesticides. Whilst it is easier to buy organic clothing now, it is still comparatively difficult to get hold of organic Curtains & Textiles. Many places do sell fair-traded and ethical accessories, but curtains are tough to track down. If you are handy with a sewing machine, Ecoinspired offer organic wool, hemp, linen and cotton for you to make your own cushion covers.  Hemp is also a very robust plant which grows without needing pesticides, and so it an excellent plant for making environmentally friendly items .

Do you know that there are now a lot of organic eco-friendly wallpapers, textiles, and fabrics these days? You can make your home safer by using toxin-free wallpapers as well as organic fabrics for your curtains and rugs. For a comprehensive range, check out Andersens.

If you are thinking of changing your flooring, now is the time to switch to eco-friendlier, safer, and hypoallergenic choices like cork flooring or bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring is the latest trend in floor coverings; it is especially loved for its versatility and for its ecological value. Bamboo flooring comes in a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles, including the very popular fully floating click locked flooring type.

Cork flooring also comes highly recommended these days. It’s very easy to clean and maintain, and since it’s an all-natural material, it’s definitely eco-friendly! Cork is also very versatile; it comes with a large array of shades and patterns, from traditional ones to trendier looks.

Keep in mind that the point of eco-decorating is sustainability and economy. This means you have to use fewer resources, such as energy and water. This means you should pick out materials that require less cleaning so you will use your steam cleaner or vacuum cleaner less too. And of course, this rule applies to money as well. Many people think that green materials are pricey! Well, not if you know where to look.

Head over to, one of Australia’s most trusted source of floor coverings and window dressings. Andersens delivers the highest standard of service, offers a huge collection of products that you can buy at affordable prices, and always includes product guarantees to give you peace of mind.



Carpet for allergy sufferers

Carpets are some of the most popular and most loved flooring types around. There’s nothing more cozy, homey, and luxurious than walking barefoot on carpet. However some people dread the thought of carpets in their home, as it can be a real trigger for asthma and allergy sufferers.

It doesn’t matter if you take off your shoes the moment you step in the door. It doesn’t matter if you keep your house spotless — some allergens will make their way inside. (After all, they are nearly invisible.) Once those allergens — dust, pollen, microscopic mould and other organisms — find their way in, gravity pulls them to the floor. There, they become trapped in and around carpet fibers. Granted, this reduces the opportunity for those nasty little things to circulate in the air, where you can breathe them in and suffer a perpetually runny nose, but every step on that carpet sends tiny clouds of particles back into the air.

The good news is that people with allergies and asthma can have carpet. Most fibers used in mass-produced rugs and carpets today are harmless materials like polyester and nylon, the same stuff clothes and bags are made out of. These synthetic blends are constructed out of lab-developed fibers that repel allergens, in part because they are nonorganic and offer an inhospitable climate. For example, mould has nothing to eat and pollen dries out. Nylon is the most effective allergy-controlling carpet fiber.

But no matter which carpet type you choose, dust, pollen and other allergy-aggravators are still in there, so the best thing to do is to get rid of them. People that have allergies should vacuum their carpet at least twice a week and have their carpet cleaned the way the manufacturer specifies approximately every 12 to 18 months. Carpet is in fact an asset for allergy sufferers as it traps the dust versus a hard surface where dust lays on top of the surface to kicked back into our breathing zone. We recommend using a vacuum with a good hepa-filter.

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