The Best Flooring Solution for Kids

28 November 2011 | General

Living with kids in the house can be quite a challenge. There is virtually no way for you to stop them from spilling something or worse, scratching your good floor. The best thing you can do is to find a flooring solution that is easy to maintain. Vinyl The easiest flooring application to maintain is […] Read more

Andersens at work

21 November 2011 | General

At Andersens, we understand that the flooring needs of a work place or commercial business differ from that of your home. In fact, Andersens specialises in finding the perfect flooring application for your commercial needs. Choosing the right flooring for commercial, retail or office applications is critical. For instance, areas with high traffic and plenty […] Read more

Bamboo flooring – the natural flooring choice

14 November 2011 | General

Many smart homeowners are choosing bamboo as a flooring option in their home due to its versatility, price and ecological footprint.  Andersens stock bamboo products in a range of colours, sizes and manufacturing styles including fully floating click locked floors. Apart from using the latest trend in floor coverings and giving your home some ‘wow’ […] Read more

Top tips on carpet trends – grades and maintenance

7 November 2011 | General

There’s nothing like the feel of carpet under your feet – particularly in the bedrooms and the lounge room. Not only is carpet is a practical and stylish flooring option, it’s available in countless colours, blends and textures. Carpet is a natural choice for reinvigorating a room. Carpet also provides comfort and insulation unlike other […] Read more


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