Exciting iDESIGN Product Update!

12 November 2012 | iDesign

We have some exciting news this morning with Andersens iDESIGN now having 200 new products to choose from!

What is iDESIGN you might ask? iDESIGN is an amazing tool designed by Andersens to help you virtually visualise your new home (or renovation) with a wide range of fittings, ranging from tiles, laminate, hardwood, carpets, vinyl – AS WELL as blinds and shutters.

This handy and innovative little app from Andersens is compatible with your iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop and any other device you use to browse the web.

So what are the new products added to this fun designing tool? Here is a list below:

To use iDESIGN simply head to the website at http://idesign.andersens.com.au/ where for the next couple of months, you can even WIN with iDESIGN by liking our Facebook page!  Enjoy, and good luck!


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