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Hamptons style living room

DIY vs Professional installation

24 November 2014 | Blog Cat

Most people decide to install their own flooring to save money. However, there are often a lot of unexpected costs associated with DIY projects. Only you would know how experienced you are at home repair to carry out any renovations. A major project, such as a flooring installation can end up costing heaps more in […] Read more

Self-lay installation Pros and Cons.

10 November 2014 | Blog Cat

Self-lay can be a huge saving on that home or reno project… provided you use good material and follow the instructions for installation! Short cuts in any installation are a guarantee for trouble in the future, so it’s important that you choose the right option for your skill level. For instance, if you’ve had experience with […] Read more

Andersens Carpet Cleaning – Call 1300 664 843

29 September 2014 | Blog Cat

Keeping your floors clean and maintaining them sometimes requires different methods of cleaning. We’d like to make life a little easier for you, so we’ve offering to take the responsibility of helping you properly maintain your carpet to keep it in immaculate condition, by offering a professional cleaning service readily available to you. We specialise […] Read more

The unique advantages of Timber flooring

27 August 2012 | Blog Cat

With a growth in popularity over the last decade, timber flooring is starting to become a new favourite for renovators and homebuilders alike. We put this down to its durability, aesthetics and warmth of character that can bring a home or a room to life.   What makes timber flooring so unique? As mentioned above, […] Read more

Flooring on a budget: vinyl

20 August 2012 | Blog Cat

You have looked through the options, and done the research and decided that vinyl will be the most affordable and durable solution for your flooring needs. While one of the biggest advantages to using vinyl is the price, this is not the only draw card. Vinyl also acts as a great mimic, and can aesthetically […] Read more


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