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Seasonal Considerations when Decorating

Seasonal Considerations When Decorating

5 July 2018 | General, Trends

There’s nothing like a few cold nights in a row to remind us that we do get our fair share of winter chill in Australia. The indoor/outdoor living experience has come to represent an intrinsic part of the Australian homeowner’s dream, however the recent brisk mornings remind us that our homes need to be built for […] Read more
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The Insulation Benefits of Carpet

18 May 2018 | Helpful Tips and Hints, Interiors

There are many factors to consider when deciding which floor covering is right for your home, such as design, cost, and durability. An often overlooked feature of floor coverings is how well they insulate your home against the elements. With temperatures dropping and energy costs on the rise, home insulation is more important than ever. […] Read more


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