Minimalist style.

16 March 2015 | Blinds and Shutters

Minimalist style is a modern style that is often misrepresented by thinking its Spartan, devoid of character and life, when it in fact minimalist is actually sophistication and elegance combined with comfort and practicalism.  The definition of minimalism is a design style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create maximum effect. […] Read more

Industrial decorating ideas.

9 March 2015 | Helpful tips and hints

The best thing about industrial interior design is that you can achieve the look on a budget. This style evolved from the factories that were abandoned and the large empty spaces were remodelled into homes for artists and architects and other creative professionals. One of the best secrets for creating an industrial style for your […] Read more

French Provincial Style

2 March 2015 | Helpful tips and hints

French provincials style remains one of the most popular interior design aesthetics in the world and can be integrated into any home. This design style retains its popularity because it combines elegance with functionality and it is relatively easy to transform your home into this style regardless of your budget. The best description of French […] Read more

7 Ways to Remodel Your Bedroom (without demolishing a thing)

16 February 2015 | Blinds and Shutters

As the bedroom is where you spend approximately a third of your life sleeping in, it stands to reason that a fair bit of energy and time be spent making it into a relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable room to be in.  Fortunately bedroom renovations are normally affordable projects which create a big impact not only for your […] Read more

Kitchen Flooring 101: Durability and Affordability

9 February 2015 | Helpful tips and hints

The first question you need to address is why are you currently opting for a kitchen reno? The most common reasons for this are a lack of space, reduced functionality or an outdated look.  The type of flooring you choose is the one of the most important parts of remodeling your kitchen because… let’s face it… the floor […] Read more

Flooring Favourites for 2015

3 February 2015 | Selling your home

Expressing yourself through your home is something most people know at least a little bit about. One of the biggest impact areas you can choose to express style through is of course your flooring – it’s also one of the most stressful areas to choose. Whether it’s upgrading your home’s look, finishing off a new […] Read more

Home Trends 2015

19 January 2015 | Trends

If you’re looking to decorate your home with some Ikea basics — stop right now. Matching furniture and solid paints wall colours are apparently “soon-to-be forgotten” interior decorating fads, according to the interior design experts at Zillow Digs. And you wouldn’t want your house to look completely untrendy, now would you? But good news! The […] Read more

New Year’s home resolutions: Part 1

5 January 2015 | Helpful tips and hints

Every year we set personal resolutions, to either become fitter, lose weight, spend more time with family etc.   Seldom do we set goals for our home, we keep that to some vague idea in the back of our minds. These are some of the expert’s resolutions that will make your home a more beautiful, efficient, […] Read more


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