7 Ways to Remodel Your Bedroom (without demolishing a thing)

16 February 2015 | Blinds and Shutters

As the bedroom is where you spend approximately a third of your life sleeping in, it stands to reason that a fair bit of energy and time be spent making it into a relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable room to be in.  Fortunately bedroom renovations are normally affordable projects which create a big impact not only for your home but also for your general well being and lifestyle. Even if you don’t plan on going through a full remodel, with bedrooms, often just a little surface work you can make a huge difference.  Here are a few ideas that could help:

  • Start planning. Ask yourself some questions like: What do you not like about your present bedroom and what would you like to change? Focus on the things that will make a difference to you – for instance,  is the room too dark or too light? Also ask yourself what type of space would you like to create.
  • De clutter! This is by far the single, most effective start to any remodeling. Just getting rid of the excess stuff collected over the months (we ALL do it) will make a huge difference.
  • Change your walls. Changing the colour of your walls, or adding some stylish wallpaper is one of the biggest things you can do to give your room a facelift. Your colour choice will depend on the size and look you want to achieve. Before painting or wallpapering, it is advisable to get a sample colour or patch of wallpaper to test in the room and “live with” for a while. The great news is that if you do make a mistake on the colour, you can repaint over it with another colour.
  • Update your window coverings. Window covering and colour selection is another important feature in remodeling your bedroom. Whatever type of window dressing you choose make sure it’s suitable for the type of bedroom you wish to create i.e. a light, airy bedroom would not look good with heavy bold colour drapes or dark blinds. If you need to block out sunlight then opt for light colours with block-out backing or lining.
  • Refresh your existing furniture. Often our existing furniture is still in great working order, with the exception of it being a little “daggy” in terms of colour, bumps and bruises. If you using your existing furniture, consider a sanding and a new coat of paint- often this will change the look completely. With so many paint options and techniques to choose from it is always a good idea to speak to your hardware store first, or go online to get fresh ideas.
  • Get some new bedroom threads. As simple as it sounds, a new set of bed covers and pillow covers along with a few new throw pillows can completely change the look of your room. Of course you need to remember that linen needs to be practical as well as beautiful, so with that in mind, choose the appropriate linen- comfort and practicality first and style next. You don’t want to create a room that is high maintenance and impractical.
  • Lighting is important. You can easily create a softer look by fitting a dimmer switch to reduce the overhead glare.  Alternately, you can create soft lighting by having a few, well-placed lamps in the room, as lamps are a relatively inexpensive accessory and can be a big impact item.
  • Finally, consider replacing the flooring. Your choice of flooring is key to the look and feel of your bedroom. There are so many options available to suit your lifestyle and budget – and to help you make a decision, we offer an easy solution to get a better idea with our iDesign app. This easy to use application will help you get an idea of what type of floor, wall colour and different window dressings would look like.

We hope these tips and hints have helped to inspire your bedroom make-over plans! As always, our style specialists are available to help you make your decisions a little easier. To book a private appointment, simply ring 1800 016 016.



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