The love of comfortable carpets

25 November 2013 | Helpful tips and hints

Carpet for comfort is multifaceted.  Carpet is comfortable because of the way it looks, the way it regulates temperature and air quality, the way it insulates noise and most importantly the way it feels. When you have a carpet that looks good your mental state becomes more relaxed.  Having a well-designed and well-chosen carpet with […] Read more
Blinded by Choice: A Buying Guide

Flooring fashion and trends

18 November 2013 | general

When it comes to the interior design of your rooms, the focus today is moving more away from the design of the walls and moving closer towards the design and comfort of the floors.  So we wanted to share with you some of the current trends of our carpets and flooring so that you can […] Read more

When is a carpet not just a carpet?

4 November 2013 | Helpful tips and hints

Back when civilisation was progressing and evolving into the modern times we have today, people were content to walk on dirt.  Later we progressed to the likes of stone or raised wooden floors.  Then came the rugs of Persia, decorations to adorn our floors and provide comfort under foot.  Such pieces would be the envy […] Read more


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