Realtor Series: All about home staging

29 October 2012 | Selling your home

For the last couple of weeks in our Andersens Realtor Series, we have discussed how to get your home ready for sale. This week expect no less, as we are uncovering and sharing some great tips on home staging techniques. Home staging is about creating moods and illusions. Try and think beyond cleaning and decorating and […] Read more

How to Pick the Right Wood Flooring for Spring

1 October 2012 | Renovating

The first month of Spring has now officially come to a close, and those with home makeovers and redecorating on the cards between now and Summer, might be left wondering, where do I begin? For most of us, there’s definitely a right time for doing home makeovers, and that is the Spring time! Spring is the most […] Read more


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